• Bonus 1:

    Attracting New Talent


    “The Trillionaires Club™,” Membership program, and our System shall provide you with the opportunity to Learn “In No Time Flat;”


    1. To Attract Capable Talent Who Have Already Lead Teams Of People.
    2. To Develop, Mentor, And Coach Your Development.
    3. To Lead And Train A Group Of Newly Hired Contractors.
    4. To Build Your Business From "Zero" To "100."
    5. The "A-Z" Format To Issue Instructions To Your Team.
    6. The Right Systems To Use Every Day Of The Week.
    7. Learn How to Develop The Right Policies.
    8. Learn How To Start Projects For Your Teams Success.
    9. When It Is Advantageous, And How To Contract Out Your Training.
    10. Building Additional competing Teams, to increase competition and revenue.
    11. The "Ins" And "Outs" Of Creating The Ultimate Lead Capture Page.
    12. Learn Why The Front End Of a Funded Proposal can "12 X” Your Business.
  • Bonus 2:

    Creating The First Informational Product


    Dealing With Frustration And Learning How To Create Your First Informational Product.


    1.    Find Experts That Know How To           Hire Their Team.

    2.    Launch Your Initial Product Idea.

    3.    Choose Your Platform, And a                 Format, To Interview Others.

    4.    Effectively Hire W-9/W-8BEN                   Contractors.

    5.    Create Contractor Positions That           Attract Great Contractors.

    6.    Manage Large Organizations                 Effectively, with little effort. 

    7.    Maintain And Link The Continuity           And Images Of Your Products.

    8.    Develop Webinars, E-Books, And           free offers.

    9.    Repurpose All Content, so they               Adapt To Your Tools. 

    10. Deliver Your Information within              The Public Domain. 

    11. Expedite Your Information as                   Quickly as possible. 

    12. Learn Your Perfect Avatars                       Message To Market Match.

  • Bonus 3:

    Buy Property Without Ever Using A Bank Loan Again


    "The Trillionaires Club™," Membership Program, And Our Proprietary

    “12 Tribes Secret = You = Success®,” System Training Methods.

    Obtain Training From "The Trillionaires Club™," And Our Contracted Partners And Learn The Truth About Mortgages, Realtors And That Marketing Companies Won't Tell You.


    1. Learn How To Write Irresistible Offers To Owners/Private Money Lenders.
    2. Learn How To Purchase Homes Without A Job, Money, Credit, Or Bank A Loan.
    3. Learn Why Having Our Training, Patience, And Endurance To Complete Every Deal Will Increase Your Success Ratio, And Income.
    4. Learn Why Cutting Out The Bank Is A Lucrative Methods.
    5. Discover Methods To Make Realtors Call You With Desperate Seller Leads.
    6. Never Allow The Real Estate Agent To Attend A Meeting with You And The Seller.
    7. Why It Is Imperative To Record Your Contract After The Seller Endorses It.
    8. Why Not To tell A Seller any Reasons why You Like their Home Over Another.
    9. Why You to Always Have A Notary Service Endorse And Witness Every Contract.
    10. The Importance Of having A "Seller" Disclaimer in a Place On Every Contract.
    11. Always Negotiate For The Sellers Vehicle In The house Deal, As A Price Incentive.
    12. Learn The Most Important Clause To Include In "Purchase Of Real Property Contracts" that will Result In “Ownership” Not “A Sinking Ship!”
  • Bonus 4:

    Always Offer To Purchase Their Home Using Owner Financing to Stop Their Foreclosure

    Formulate Offers So Irresistible, Owners Ask You To Allow Them To Finance It For You. Write A Purchase Proposal Offer, Attached To The Sales Contract That If Necessary, Will Stop The Owners Foreclosure Case Dead In Its Tracks, One The Owners Can Present To The Court For The Judge To Stay Their Foreclosure Action, While You Close On The Sale and Save The Owners Credit Score, And Credit Reports.


    1. Have You Ever Wondered How Those Professional Real Estate Investors Make It Look appear so Easy To Formulate An acceptable Real Estate Offer?
    2. Discover How We Draft our Offers That Owners Agree To sign, and additionally agree to Provide Owner Financing.
    3. Make The Owner Say “Yes” To Financing Their Home For You, “Even when they can’t even afford to pay their mortgage themselves!
    4. Allow “The Trillionaires Club™,” To Teach You How To Write An Irresistible Purchase Offer.
    5. Allow The Trillionaires Club™, To Teach You What To Write For The Sale Of Real Property in a Purchase Contract.
    6. Obtain The Secret System We Share With Club Members.
    7. Get This Exclusive Bonus, and You’ll See Exactly How We Make our Contracts Irresistible, So You Can Model Our Methods And Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Much Sooner.
  • Bonus 5:

    Boosting Your "FICO" Credit Score From "300" To "700”

    Everyone looking to increase Your "FICO" Credit Score From "300," To Above "700," will eventually experience the FRUSTRATION of challenging Your "CREDIT" reports in an attempt to improve Your FICO scores.


    1. We shall Teach Our New Trillionaires Club™ Members, And Contractors How To Increase Your Credit Scores Legally.
    2. How to Increase Your Credit Scores Without Sending In A 100 Credit Challenges.
    3. How To Obtain New Vehicles Free, without a job, credit, or cash.
    4. How To Purchase Estate Homes With Little Or No Mortgage Payments.
    5. How To Earn "10%," to "20%," On Investment Income.
    6. Why You'll Save faster after Putting Your Money To Work.
    7. Starting a Fund That Makes College Fees “Nearly Pay For Themselves.”
    8. How To Self-Fund Your Medical  Bills Affordably.
    9. How To Buy "Notes" That Self-Sustain Themselves.
    10. How To Sell Notes For Profit, And Tax Deductions.
    11. How To Create Your Own Bank, and Self-Fund Your Retirement.
    12. Moreover, How To Create Generational Wealth Over Time.


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