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Here's what you're getting with a Trillionaires Club Membership and how it can help you NOW! By using ours, and our Partners Training Systems for wealth creation starting with: 

  • Big Benefit #1

    Showing you how government agencies and large successful companies and corporations operate. We'll utilize our elaborate know how to deploy the resources that shall help you and your business. You'll see for yourself what the appeal is, and why contracting today with us at the 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION featuring; our membership club opportunity known as “The Trillionaires Club™,” and our proprietary dynamic marketing engine the “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®,” System makes your decision a wise choice, and the greatest decision you'll ever make for earning wealth exponentially.”


    Because it is;


    The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION featuring “The Trillionaires Club™,” and the proprietary “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®,” System, makes your decision a wise choice, and the greatest decision you'll ever make for earning wealth exponentially.” 


    "We'll start with showing you in our first module,” 


    Module 1: 

    The Real Truth About Success In Network Marketing They Won't Tell You!

    • What is a self funded proposal
    • Why you need to use a self funded proposal
    • Ways to find your target market audience
    • What parts of a self funded proposal to display to your target market audience 
    • Why you should give your target market audience some real life examples

    that were used by one of our Historically Legendary Trainers which resulted in making him a well-known and successful legend."

  • Big Benefit #2

    We along with our contracted Partner will show you;


    Module 2: 

    How To Create Your First Info-Product… Fast!

    • Finding Experts
    • Your Initial Product Idea
    • Choosing the Format
    • Interviewing Others
    • Affiliate Links
    • Continuity
    • Images of Your Products
    • eBooks
    • Webinars
    • PLR
    • Repurposing Your Content
    • Tools You Need
    • Information in the Public Domain


  • Big Benefit #3

     Module 03: 

    Creating The Ultimate Lead Capture Page

    The Front End of your Funded Proposal



Recap Of Our Excellent Bonuses


You will also have access to a bonus module where you will find the following content:

  • $1.5 Million Launch Case Study eBook
  • 256 Words To Avoid At All Costs eBook
  • Email Marketing Boot camp Webinar Replay
  • Bonus Benefit #1

    Creating The Ultimate Lead Capture Page
    The Front End of your Funded Proposal

  • Bonus Benefit #2

    How To Create Your First Informational Product… Fast!

    • Finding Experts
    • Your Initial Product Idea
    • Choosing the Format
    • Interviewing Others
    • Affiliate Links
    • Continuity
    • Images of Your Products
    • eBooks
    • Webinars
    • PLR
    • Repurposing Your Content
    • Tools You Need
    • Information in the Public Domain

    Remember - they don't know how cool it is unless you TELL THEM!

  • Bonus Benefit #3

    Creating The Ultimate Lead Capture Page
    The Front End of your Funded Proposal


    Part 1: 

    Creating and Delivering Your Lead Magnet
     Having the Lead Magnet advance the sale


    Part 2: 

    Your Opt-In Page
    How to build an Opt-In Page then review and split test several opt-in pages.
    How to discern why you are and are not getting opt-ins?



Bonus Benefit #4

Module 04: 

  • The Revenue Producer: How To Script A Killer Marketing Letter To Get into the head of your customers
  • The benefits of your product: Crafting headlines for Irresistible Offers
  • Using winning copywriting techniques
  • Pricing,
  • Letter length,
  • Your Call To Action,
  • Collecting Testimonials and creating Sales Videos


Big Benefit #5
Module 05: 


Using Automated Systems To Convert Leads Into Paying Customers 

  • With Email Marketing, And Revenue Producing Lead Magnets.
  • How to load up a follow-up sequence
  • How to send an email broadcast
  • Case Study: Creating a Continuity Blueprint


Big Benefit #6
Module 06: 

  • How To Install A Payment Processor System 
  • How To Automate The Collection and Payments of the Revenue
  • Why you should alway use 2 or more main options for accepting payments 
  • How to set up each payment option 
  • Setting up and presenting Upsells to Create the buying frenzy 
  • One-time offers, and the ability to Process refunds


Big Benefit #7
Module 07: 

  • Filling The Funnel With Qualified People That Were Seeking You Out
  • How To Get a Ton of Leads 
  • How to calculate Your Average Customer Value
  • Lead Sources Online and Offline
  • The Million Dollar Ad formulation
  • The Importance of Split Testing 
  • Formulating Your Overall Business Strategy

Big Benefit #8
Module 08: 

  • Getting Customers To Join Your Primary Business 
  • Using an Automated Email Follow Up System
  • Marketing your Businesses Memberships Online
  • Creating Applications and forms That Only Attract The Ideal Prospects
  • How and Why It's Prudent to Ask Key Questions On The Phone 
  • Using Questionnaires and Surveys To Weed Out The Tire Kickers
  • The Quickest Way to $250,000 a Year By Asking The Most Important Financial Questions 

Big Benefit #9
Module 09: 

Join “The Trillionaires Club™," To Formulate, Develop, and Incorporate All of Your Businesses Understanding Of All The Legal Protection Benefits As To Why The Signing Of a Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete/Client/Contractors Agreement Between All Parties On Day One Is Imperative!


Big Benefit #10
Module 10:

  • Why It's Beneficial Financially To Follow The 1NBUSINESS™ Proprietary “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®,” Systems, Secret Formula to The Letter.
  • Obtain The Logical Answer As To Why The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION Contracts Out Most Of Their  Training To Their Partner Companies Associated With The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION and Not Do It All Themselves?

Big Benefit #11
Module 11:

  • The Benefits of Using Our 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION "Approved" Branded Websites Created And Trademarked for You By Our Recommended Vendors, Displaying Your Logo, Stamped, Branded, Registered, Copy Written, Recorded, and Licensed With Your Proprietary Branded Information and Resources as Instructed.


Big Benefit #12
Module 12:

  • *Hire W-9/W-8BEN Teams Of Experienced Contracted International Talent
  • Have The Contractors Build Their Core Team Of Experts, For Day-To-Day Operations
  • Contract; Hire In House Accountants, Bookkeepers, Human Capital Managers, Recruiters and Interviewers
  • Open And Maintain A Business Credit Line, and Portfolio At An "OFFSHORE" International Bank
  • Place Paid Advertising In The High Target Print Areas, News, Social Media, In High Target Online and Print Areas and SCALE IT UP using The Training You Shall Receive To Begin Gaining Higher Returns. 



*We Do Not Want You To Sell!

  We Want You To Hire, Train, Coach, And Manage Your Tribes/Teams! 


Share Our Story And The BENEFITS Of Our Club, As You Would A Good Movie! 

Except, Don't Only Tell Them To Experience It, Take Them To It And Watch It With Them! No One We Know  Of Has Ever Received Any Compensation For referring A Movie From The Actors Or The Movie Theater, And Neither Will You. 


Until You Have Taken Them And Experienced It With Them Personally, You Will Never Obtain More Than A Thank You! When You Take Them, At Least They May Purchase The Refreshments! Which Is Your Ultimate Goal, Their Revenue Action!


We Do Not Even Sell Our Benefits, So To Speak!


Which You Will Soon Learn After You Are A Member!

Here is the reason why! 

Your peers watch what you, do not what you say!


If the Big Benefits were so high, as you have told them, their mindset would question their senses, and activate their common sense, to question your motivation, and then everything you have told them! 


Such as, why you are describing, "How To Earn $71,000 in a few months."


The evidence pointing to your reason would enable their decisions not to join, based 

on your disingenuous friendly gesture having a hidden agenda fueled with sales and revenue for you rhetoric! 


Your credibility and the results would end up negatively impacting your desired results. 

Thus, denying and depriving them of a lifestyle change and opportunity to experience 

it for themselves, after you have given away the plot to the film! 


"Have you finally gained, and understanding why it is imperative, not to sell it to them?"

I know, I know, we are trying to make it clear that we do not sell!


In the case of a movie, as an example, the producers and advertisers only show a trailer, and a better way of delivering content to your friends is to offer them an opportunity to go back to the movie theater with you and see it for themselves!


In other words, only deliver the teaser, and if it is such a great film ask them to come with you on your second filming, because it is that good, and you have to see it twice.


Moreover, it is so much of an incredible film that you had to take them to see it for themselves! 


People tell, and stories sell, which is less annoying for your friend.


Most people don't care what you care about; 

                              "they only care that you care about them!"


That's why taking them to see it is more appealing and "effective" you might say:

"Listen," just like people juggle their relationships with siblings, best friends, and significant others to share time!


They as well as you could face a considerable risk if they were to possess the secret 

to making life-changing wealth, and kept the secret from them. So As soon As You Are Able, "Tell Them About Our!" If you do not tell them let me warn you,

when they discover your finances have increased exponentially. They will start getting in your face, and begin verbally slashing you to ribbons like an angry friend that doesn't want to become abandoned by your new lease on life, and left behind.


Do we experience drawbacks and and losses?


Yes, or course we do! 


Because we spend nearly $109.00 on our Ads to generate one new client is why, and we've found that most people do precisely their same repetitious everyday routine. 

After joining a membership club they act like sedated cat's and do absolutely nothing. 


They don't mind joining the club, however the most common ingredient in their efforts are like their on some kind of membership sedatives? 


That is common to most memberships after a person pays and have joined the club, they have satisfied the need of belonging and never show up again?


Not only that, members on the Internet share it with each other like sharing a great movie, and they tell it about as though it were a recreational event, while all along listening to the coaches, trainers and mentors, until the weather breaks.


That's when they would rather stay out in the streets rather than utilizing the clubs benefits and indoor activities or earn revenue online!

That's why you MUST learn the proper way to motivate these persons. 

Using their human senses; 


"the fear of, loss or, getting left out is more effective way." 


It's like not getting invited to a friends birthday party! Do you remember how that felt!


That's how to share our club without becoming a nuisance to your friends and family, "simply" never try to sell them anything ever. 


Remain above board, by under promising, and over delivering always, and in every single instance, share information like a great movie that you are not responsible for selling tickets for and just telling about it and sharing your opinion.


"People will always want to know about what you know, they just don't want you to know what they don't know!"


Therefore, tell them what you have learned, then show them, without asking them their opinion until they have experienced it for themselves, if it was something they wanted they would ask you how to acquire it for themselves. 


You never have to sell, ever! 


Just show and tell like you did in grammar school, and the children ran home and told their parents, that they wanted what you had in school today." 


"Why do you think automobile dealerships insist that you take a test drive?"

We at The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION featuring “The Trillionaires Club™” and the proprietary “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®,” System, want to thank you for taking the time to read our information and watch the videos. 

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Marvin S. Douglas Jr. CEO of The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION featuring “The Trillionaires Club™,” using the “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®,” System.




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