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    Here’s where you’ll learn how to build up a Team/Tribe of over 156 “New Followers”



  • Big Benefit #2


    Using the “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®” System


    So, “using the “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®” System.”


    I know..., YES, we really know...,


    trying to do...,


    Marketing, Copywriting, Build Funnels, Recruit Talent, Training Talent, Emailing,

    and Holding Luncheon Meetings and Events is awkward for you..., 


    However, to make it less painful..., 


    less boring..., for you...,


    “Wait!” You might say..., 


    But just follow us, just a little longer.


    Listen, as a new CEO - You face significant risks,




    And that doesn’t take into account getting your face slashed to ribbons...,


    by angry friends and family...,


    because they don’t want to get juggled..., 


    from one MLM Business Venture to the next with you..., and


    Paying Start-Up Fees...,


    Buying products like


    lotions, potions, and pills...,


    and incurring large bills and never seeing any personal benefits...,


    Then later finding out that you have “Quit” or “Worse they Quit,”


    and “worse than that,”...,


    They NOR YOU...,


    were “Never” trained how to Succeed; neither of you was!


    So as most people do the usual, they sedated “Themselves in the Television...,

    or Movie Screen. 


    Living vicariously through the movie screen to get their life’s dreams played out

    before their eyes by some actor that always leaves them at the end of the show!


    We have fixed that!


    So you go tell, and show them, our “Membership Plan”...,


    using ours and our Partners...,


    Coaches and Mentors and Trainers System...,


    With ours and our Partners training programs,


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    But did you know that the most common ingredient in failure is “actually” VERY toxic

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    Not only that...,


    many share it on the Internet and...,


    “actually” are selling it to each other.


    They take it like a recreational drug...,


    while listening to hip-hop music,


    sharing it, and then terrorizing the streets with it!


    It’s called..., “FREE ADVERTISEMENT.”


    Known commonly as “Referrals,” of other people’s stuff...,


    Without ever, “Receiving any Revenue or Benefit For It!”


    That’s why;


    you MUST “LEARN”...,


    The Right Way To Utilize This Powerful Method..., “Like The Fat Cats.”


    The ONLY way that it’s not a Danger to Yourself and Others is...,


    When You Are the Producer and Director of Your “Own” Advertisement...,


    That Benefits You!

  • Big Benefit #3






    So, with our overview;


    your next question is...,


    What is this club? And what does it do, “RIGHT?”


    The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION featuring, “The Trillionaires Club™,”


    Using the Proprietary “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®” System,”


    is how Millions of Businesses around the World that have become Successful.


    They have built Billions of “Followers and Customers”..., 


    to gain Income and Wealth Exponentially throughout time!


    Remember, the #1 reason all your other business ventures failed...,


    Was because You were offering an excellent service at a bargain price...,


    But nobody told you...,


    that it didn’t mean that you didn’t have to “Advertise.”


    Nor try your best to market your “Product or Services.”


    The World’s Largest and Most Popular MLM Industry Companies...,


    Use an Advertising Model...,


    They just like to call it “WORD OF MOUTH.”


    For years it has worked successfully for their companies..., “But Not For You!”




    Because the “MLM” company never told you that you were just a “CUSTOMER/REFERRER”..., 


    OR “AFFILIATE” Marketer in Disguise! 


    If you progressed high enough and were fast enough...,


    they gave you a Fictitious Feel Good, Sound Great Title and a Promotion...,


    That only hid the Fact..., that you were a Joint Venture Partner (JVP), or Affiliate.

    It allowed you to look in the mirror and confidently esteem and motivate yourself! 


    Trustworthy companies do not hide those facts from you, and request you be those by their real titles, not labeling you as a “TRAINER/SPONSOR/RECRUITER!”


    So, here’s where we are...,


    Upfront and Honest...,



    You will become a Member, Client, Student, Mentee, and Ultimately A Successful

    W-9/W-8BEN CONTRACTOR of Ours! 


    And the things you take for granted? 


    Those can be turned into huge benefits using our System because your audience might find them fascinating.


    For example - Wal-Mart™ the Grandfather of direct human capital advertising and Fortune 500™ #1, recently orchestrated a deal for India’s top retail market share store.


    Well, WalMart™, like EVERY OTHER LARGE CHAIN STORE IN THE WORLD, uses a “really” elaborate process to make sure it has the best possible market share, human capital, and quality personnel, only #2 to the US Government in Human Capital and Diversity. 


    All Sam Walton did to take WalMart™, to #1 in the world was “TELL PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATES” about their process. 










    Therefore, We are very thorough here...,


    We are asking you to join us now...,


    And enjoy as many “Big Benefits” as you are able!


Now we’re going to tell why joining us and taking our a special offer of untold wealth, is not for everyone right now, but shall prove lucrative to the few that take advantage of this great opportunity right now!


Well here is a marketing test result, and special occasion,

we just hired 1 International Marketing Director (IMD), a citizen of India,

to officially open our International market and follow WalMart™, the Grandfather of direct human capital advertising and Fortune 500™ #1.


However, we only have 7 National Marketing Directors hired in the United States of America!


Let me re-state the value so that you KNOW it’s a good deal. 

With our membership, you will become part of an International Corporation formed with you in mind as struggling business people and former MLM marketers the largest hidden population in the world of business in our estimate! 


The secret army of entrepreneurs waiting to happen and explode in the marketplace after finally being taught and learning how to market your own and other people’s products!


And now I’d like to say...,


Exactly as we did above with our “Membership,” you can join us and use our System with your service or product. Even someone else’s products, or those of our partners, and get paid beyond your wildest imagination if you follow the System correctly!



Big Benefits.



Aww heck. I’ll just paste that section here so that you can look it over.

You can see that we are not just a fly by night new company that recently appeared from out of nowhere.


Click here to see what is evident and proof of how we will help you that was already publicly announced and advertised, you’ll see we put our money where our wealth comes originates. And it certainly is not out of our mouth, but view it for yourself. We have planned this for years now.


What you just saw was; Where we initially hosted our membership offer with our full System of tools from one servicer that allows us to cut costs and deliver quality directly to you was planned and thought out including;


Actually - Twelve Steps To Grow A Successful Business! Today it exists, and we are sharing it with the club’s membership.


  • Bonus Benefit #1


    We Know Frequently, When Online Offers Hit The Internet With Great Claims Of Action And Intrigue, That It Makes You Skeptical.


    Which Is Why We Have Included Our 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee,

    No Questions Asked, Except To Verify It Is You That’s Asking!


  • Bonus Benefit #2


    To Add To Our Guarantee, We’ve Additionally Added Our “Learn To Earn” Program And Training, which means you will possibly earn the membership fees.


    Before The Guarantee Period Is Over, provided you follow our instructions and take the step by step action we advise!


  • Bonus Benefit #3


    And it’s the BENEFITS ...not the features.


    Our most significant feature is that we under-promise...; 


    however, we over-deliver. 


    Therefore we saved this GIANT FEATURE of our System until the end!


    Our newest benefits are our “ESTATE HOMES" and “LUXURY VEHICLES!”


    To get that information you’ll have to give us a try!


    That’s a FEATURE for our members only.


    The BENEFIT to that is that. You don’t have to figure out where to live and what to drive.


    Nor how to make payment for it.


    The ONE BENEFIT is it’s easier for you.


    And That it’s faster for us.


Now we’re going to re-state the full value of the bonuses...,

and add it to the total cost of the “Membership” after you join during the trial period!


As we will present to you with a Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure joint membership Agreement Contract that ensures we protect yours and our creatives.


The total cost would be if you were joining us at our regular price, $24,997.00 per year.


However, to re-state the discount today and emphasize how much you’re saving and benefitting, join for a 30-day trial period for $1.00 today, and $47.00 monthly training fee after the trial.


Why do you want to take advantage of our offer, you ask?


Because we will show you how to earn over $71,000.00 per year if you follow our System correctly within 90 days!


And finally, If you can’t succeed after following our System and doing it to the letter, we will give you a 100% refund!


It’s pretty simple – However reference our timer on the page when it hits ZERO, the offer expires.


And now it’s time to tell you how...,


Thank You for taking the time to read the letter and watch the video and welcome to our tribe.


We Sincerely Hope That You Like this:


Sincerely Yours; “NEWEST BENEFACTORS,”


Marvin S. Douglas Jr. CEO of The 1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION featuring, “The Trillionaires Club™,” using the proprietary “12 Tribes Secret = YOU = Success®” System.”

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